Romanian businessman Gigi Becali leaves prison to work at football academy

Romanian businessman and football boss Gigi Becali left the Poarta Alba penitentiary on Monday (April 28) to work at the “Gheorghe Hagi” Academy, where he performed unskilled work. At the end of the day he was brought back to the detention unit.

In the next month, the owner of Steaua football club will be allowed to leave the prison for a day, after a commission decided to grant him permission, according to sources from the National Administration of Penitentiaries, quoted by Mediafax.

According to the source, Becali was thus rewarded for good behaviour, after he took part in activities and respected the rules.

Becali is currently serving a three and a half year jail sentence for corruption in a land exchange deal, kidnapping and football match fixing via bribery. He was sentenced to jail in May 2013.

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