Romanian-born Mona Garcea, producer for CSI NY, Two and a Half Men

A 35 years old Romanian-born has been producing some of the world’s most famous sitcoms, after starting off as the assistant of Hollywood producer Chuck Lorre. Romanian Mona (Ramona) Garcea, who emigrated with her family to the US in 1987 is now a producer at Hollywood, having worked on series like CSI NY, Two and a HalfMen, The Bid Bang Theory, alongside Chuck Lorre, according to

She graduated the University of Central Florida and then moved to Los Angeles. Garcea was born in Rasnov, near Brasov and has never returned to Romania since moving to US. She is currently the producer of Mike and Molly sitcom.

The original story (in Romanian) here.

More about Mona Garcea on IMDB here.

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(photo source: IMDB)



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