Romanian audiovisual watchdog board member indicted

Narcisa Iorga, member of Romania’s audiovisual watchdog CNA was indicted for having interfered with the licensing process of Giga TV. Iorga allegedly told the Piatra Neamt mayor Gheorghe Stefan to use his political connections to influence the vote in the CNA board for an appeal his TV station Giga TV was to submit after its license had been withdrawn.

On her advice, the mayor asked MP Viorel Hrebengiuc to intervene in the process. Iorga, who was heard by the anti-corruption prosecutors on Thursday, September 4, said she has always been in favor of enforcing the law, and that she has not broken any laws.

MP Hrebengiuc is also part of the case, as prosecutors say he did get involved into influencing the vote in the CAN board. Prosecutors say three CNA members changed their vote after withdrawing GigaTV’s license, without any paperwork to show a change in the TV station’s situation. The MP however says he believes he is a ‘collateral victim’.

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