Romania turns clocks forward to summer time on Sunday

Romania will switch to summer time on Sunday, March 27, when clocks will advance one hour, so as 3.00 hours will become 4.00 hours. After the clocks will advance by one hour, the difference between Romania and the official Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will be of three hours. Sunday, March 27 will be the shortest day of the year, with only 23 hours.

During the summer months, when the sun rises at 4.30 hours and sets at 20.00 hours, the 1977 Convention applies in Romania, requiring optimal use of daylight and reduction of artificial lighting use.

The European Summer Time is the arrangement in Europe by which clocks are advanced by one hour in spring to make the most of seasonal daylight. This is done in all of the countries of Europe except Iceland which observes GMT all year round.

Clocks will go back one hour on October 30 – the last Sunday of the month, when 4.00 hours will become 3.00 hours. The Romanian Railways (CFR) announced that the switch to summer time will not affect train schedules, but will cause slight delays for the seals moved between 3.00 hours and 4.00 hours.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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