Romania takes investment roadshow to Wall Street

A Romania investor day recently held in New York City has attracted more than 80 participants from 45 investment funds representing more than USD 900 billion in managed assets.

Organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange BVB, Raiffeisen Bank and Fondul Proprietatea, the event on February 5 and 6 presented investment opportunities in Romania, the Romanian capital market and its flagship companies to US-based investors.

This included presentations by Romania government and finance institutions as well as 108 one-to-one meetings between investors and the top management of major Romanian companies.

Greg Konieczny, Fund Manager of Fondul Proprietatea, said the event was part of the fund’s efforts to show Wall Street the investment opportunities in Romania and the region.

He added that companies preparing for an IPO this year had an excellent occasion to showcase their investment case.

James Stewart, Vice-President of Raiffeisen Bank, said Romania needed to develop its capital markets for the country’s economic health.

CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange Ludwik Sobolewski added that US funds and institutions were a good source of liquidity and development for Romania’s capital market.

“If they invest now, they will be the first ones who will benefit of the market growth, as we dare to make a South East European financial hub from the Bucharest Stock Exchange,” he said.

More about Fondul Proprietatea here, and about BVB, here.

Shaun Turton [email protected]


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