Romanian minister: 13,500 firms sign up for Start-Up Nation program

About 13,500 Romanian firms signed up for the Start-Up Nation program until Friday morning, July 14, said Ilan Laufer, the minister for business environment, trade and entrepreneurship, reports local

Up to 10,000 companies can receive a grant via the program this year. The applications will be assessed in 30-45 days, Laufer added.

The minister launched contradictory information about the project’s deadline last week. He first said that the deadline would be extended to July 28. Some hours later, the minister said that the deadline remains July 14.

The Start-Up Nation program became active on June 15, and the potential beneficiaries had 30 days to submit their business plans. The program has a budget of RON 1.7 billion (EUR 371.8 million).

It will provide non-reimbursable financial grants of up to RON 200,000 (EUR 44,000) for new business initiatives set up after January 30, this year. The financing entirely covers the investment in the project. However, the financed startups need to create at least two jobs, with indeterminate length labor contracts.

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