Romania plans incentive for its citizens abroad to invest – and eventually return home

The Romanian Government has a new plan on how to convince Romanians living and working abroad to return home. It wants to help them become investors into their home country.

The Ministry of Economy wants to set up an investment fund for those who wish to invest in Romania. Via this fund, for every RON 1 invested in the country, Romanians will receive another RON 1 from the state.

The non-reimbursable funds would go up to RON 50,000 (over EUR 11,000), according to non-governmental sources cited by local The money will only be given to those who have companies and bring documents covering expenses and investments.

The Government also has a plan for the nearly 50,000 Romanian students abroad. Starting this summer, they can enroll in internships in any of the Romanian embassies, regardless of their location.

“At first, it will probably be for three months during summer, but I see it as a permanent thing,” said Deputy Prime Minister Costin Borc.

The announcements are to be posted on the dedicated website,

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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