Romania has second-lowest natural resource productivity in EU

Romania had a resource productivity of EUR 0.74 per kilogram in 2017, the second-lowest in the European Union (EU), according to Eurostat data.

Only Bulgaria had a lower resource productivity, of EUR 0.71 per kg. Meanwhile, the EU average stood at EUR 2.04 per kg in 2017.

Resource productivity is calculated as the gross domestic product (GDP) divided by the quantity of natural resources used in a certain year by each country. The indicator varies widely between the EU member states. It depends on a country’s natural resources, the diversity of its industrial activities, the role played by its services sector and its construction activities, the scale and patterns of its consumption and its various energy sources.

The highest resource productivity values (in terms of purchasing power standard per kilogram) were recorded in the Netherlands (3.96), the United Kingdom (3.56), Italy (3.38) and Spain (3.16). At the opposite end of the scale, four EU members registered resource productivity below 1.00 – Bulgaria (0.71), Romania (0.75), Estonia (0.78) and Latvia (0.88).

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