Romania kicks off second stage of Local Development Program

Romania’s Development Ministry kicked off on Friday, June 16, the second stage of the National Local Development Program, which will grant financing to 9,500 investment projects. These include 2,500 kindergartens, 2,000 schools and other 5,000 objectives, reports local

The Government has allocated funds of RON 30 billion (EUR 6.5 billion) for these investments.

The program is structured on three components, namely the modernization of the Romanian village, the urban regeneration of the municipalities and towns, respectively the county infrastructure.

Regional development minister Sevil Shhaideh said on Friday that the ministry’s work is running smoothly, but that the absence of a legitimate Government risked endangering the National Local Development Program. Her resignation reached the President’s cabinet on Friday evening. Most of the ministers in the Grindeanu Government resigned on Thursday after the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) withdrew their political support for the Government. However, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said that he would not resign.

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(photo source: Ministerul Dezvoltării, Administrației și Fondurilor Europene – Romania on Facebook)


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