Romania, second highest increase in high growth enterprises in the EU

Romania had the second highest growth in the European Union for the number of high growth enterprises in 2016 on 2015, according to recent Eurostat data.

Romania had 1,568 high growth enterprises in 2016, up from 1,170 in 2015, a 34% growth. It was higher than the average 14% EU growth, and it came second to Cyprus, which more than doubled its number of high growth enterprises, from 48 to 98.

In Romania, most such companies were in wholesale and retail, as well as motor vehicle repairs – 406 such companies. They were followed by 365 companies in manufacturing.

The EU had 23 member states where high growth enterprises were on the rise, and four which witnessed a drop: Latvia, Estonia, Malta and Finland. The 180,000 high growth enterprises in the EU employed 15 million people in 2016.

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