photoRomania’s first beach for people with disabilities opens in Mamaia

The “Marea Neagra” Psychological Center inaugurated the Therapeutic Beach in the Romanian seaside resort of Mamaia, the first beach accessible for all categories of people with disabilities.

The beach area covers 2,000 sqm and is located in the Casino area. It includes an area of flavors – where tourists can guess and enjoy over 20 scents and essences, a bamboo forest – where children can create their own songs by hitting the bamboo sticks, the rainbow – colorful curtains of different textures arranged in the area of tactile stimulation, and a pottery workshop.

To facilitate access for people in wheelchairs, the organization also installed on the sand the first ramp in Romania specially built for wheelchairs, according to a press release. The beach also offers other facilities, such as a floating dock for the children and specially built mobile armchairs that can move on the sand and can also float on the sea.

“Although it is a project that addresses without discrimination the whole community, the project was financially supported by me and by a handful of friends with whom I have gathered the sum of EUR 45,000 to finance this project. It is painful to see that the state doesn’t give a helping hand to those people who need our love and attention, but I am also very happy that people have come to their help, understood the importance of such a project on the beach of Mamaia, and thus we were able to launch the therapeutic beach, unique in Europe,” said psychologist Adrian Gemănaru, president of the “Marea Neagra” Psychological Center.

Irina Marica, [email protected]