Romania gets EUR 43 mln from European Commission to combat swine fever

Romania’s Government adopted on Wednesday, October 10, a set of measures for combatting swine fever after the European Commission approved a EUR 43 million financial support for Romania, agriculture minister Petre Daea said.

The money will be allotted for investments in disinfection equipment, sanitary-veterinary laboratories, swine fever detection devices, incinerators, as well as the purchase of new gilts, he explained, according to local

He also said that there were good signs that the spreading of the virus stopped as only two counties, Calarasi and Constanta, still presented swine fever suspicions. In North-Western Romania, the authorities have already introduced sentinel-pigs, which are used to check if the virus still exists there.

So far, Romania recorded almost 1,000 outbreaks of swine fever in 246 localities in 13 counties. Close to 350,000 pigs were culled to stop the virus from spreading.

Romanian PM asks European Commission for help with swine fever

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(photo source: Inquam Photos / George Calin)