Cadaster update brings slight increase in Romania’s area

Romania’s official surface area has slightly increased after an update made by the National Cadaster and Real Estate Advertising Agency (ANCPI).

The country’s area went up by six square kilometers, from 238,391 sq km to 238,397 sq km, a report of the National Statistics Institute (INS) shows, quoted by

The new surface area needs to be updated in all official documents and websites presenting public information.

The last update of Romania’s area was made after the change of the official cartographic projection model, from the Gauss-Kruger model to the Krasovsky model, in 1971. After the model was changed, the area increased from 237,500 sq km to 238,391 sq km.

The country’s surface area changes with geographical alterations brought about by variations in the course of the Danube or of the rivers that represent borders with neighbor states, such as Prut, Tisa or Mureş. The Black Sea shore can also increase in surface because of the deposits of silts from the Danube, but it can also decrease because of erosion in the southern part of the seaside. The area of the Sacalin islands is also increasing because of silts deposits, and they are projected to become a peninsula in the coming decades.

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