Romania again faces lack of consensus for Schengen entry

The needed consensus to accept Romania into the Schengen area has not been reached, even if an ‘important EU actor’ has made a step forward and confirmed support for Romania, said Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlăţean, quoted by Mediafax.

He added Romania will not stand with its hands outstretched to be accepted into Schengen. “I am convinced Romania will join Schengen, but we’re out of the area where this target was overbid,” he added. Some have said Romania would have to stand alone, without Bulgaria, when seeking Schengen entry.

The country fulfilled technical criteria over three years ago, but it failed to convince all Schengen members that it deserves to be accepted. “It is a complicated European political landscape, Romania was the prisoner of other factors which had nothing to do with its performance, but we will find those resources to reach a consensus,” the minister said.

Countries like the Netherlands, France and Finland have opposed Romania’s joining the free movement area. Last year, the discussion focused on a two-step accession, first air and naval borders, then terrestrial borders.

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