Restaurant review: Three restaurants for three different moods in Braşov

There’s plenty of history in Braşov and with its beautiful old town, breathtaking location surrounded by forests and mountains and easy access to ski resorts, the city is firmly established as one of Romania’s top tourism destinations. But with over 150 restaurants, Braşov is also a great gastronomic destination, with a wide range of food, both local and international, available in the city’s eateries. In my childhood, I used to spend many winter holidays in Braşov, but a few years ago, due to my job, I started going there regularly, which inevitably meant quite a lot of eating out. I’ve picked out three of my top spots for eating out, three very different restaurants each offering a specific dining experience.

Spending weeks on end in Braşov has given the chance to come up with my own personal ‘ratings’ for eating out and, at the same time, to choose different restaurants according to my mood. Is this unusual? I don’t think so, because I strongly believe that eating and drinking is much more than a biological need, it is, or can be, an exquisite pleasure. Voltaire wrote: “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.” Beyond this, dining is a social and potentially a cultural experience. I’m not a gastronomy specialist, maybe I’m not a very good connoisseur, but I certainly appreciate the whole ritual of eating and drinking. Of course, modern life doesn’t allow us time to practice many of those ancient, healthy and almost artistic rituals surrounding food and drink, but if we do have the time, we can still find a moment of happiness for senses, body and mind with a good meal.

Sirul vamii

For a good lunch before visiting Braşov’s monuments stop at the Sirul Vamii restaurant. I was delighted by the menu; very good salads, a Florentine turkey brisket (filled with spinach and a very rich sauce) or a good club steak. At the same time, Sirul vamii offers an amazing traditional menu, which includes the carp pickle with polenta or “ tochitura Dacica” which is a mix of meats with tomatoes and red chili pepper. The best dessert for me was the lemon curd pudding with forest fruits sauce. Of course all these dishes can be accompanied with a good Transylvanian wine and in the evening with discrete piano music.

Butoiul sasului

Anyone looking for a Saxon Transylvanian eating experience in Kronstadt (the ancient German name of Braşov), should head for Butoiul Sasului. This restaurant was one of my better culinary surprises in Braşov. The restaurant is very well located on the main commercial street of the city, Republicii street. German traditional dishes and red or white wines from the vineyards of the Transylvanian plateau are on offer. At Butoiul sasului I’ve tried wild mushrooms, game specialties and very good soups and desserts. Some of the tastiest dishes are : the German (sasesc) entrée, the Goulash, the Svab club steak, the Tornedo Kronstadt and the Kronstadt pancakes. This restaurant has a special atmosphere that evokes a tranquil wine cellar in an ancient German “burg”.

Bella Musica

Are you in love? Do you want to spend a romantic evening with your partner, listening to good music, eating well prepared dishes and drinking fine wines? Bella Musica is a good place to eat for any occasion, but the intimate atmosphere caters particularly for couples looking for a romantic meal. Unusually, as well as food and drink on the menu, there is music; couples can choose what they want to listen to at their table. Some of the best dishes are the traditional fois gras, the Greek salad with shrimps, the bean soup with smoked meats served in bread ( a Transylvanian – Hungarian traditional soup), the mushroom soup, the Budapest beef sirloin, the hunter’s steak, the grilled dorada (bream) with olives and ragu sauce, the grilled salmon fillet, the fried trout, various types of pancakes, the chocolate cake or the cake with forest fruits. All these dishes are accompanied by appetizing alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

Sirul Vamii – Braşov,18, Muresenilor Street

Butoiul Sasului – Braşov, 53-55 Republicii Street

Bella Musica – Braşov, 19, Piata Sfatului.

By Mariana Ganea, Guest Writer 

Mariana holds a PhD in Economics and she has been working in banking since 1991. Now, she is senior training consultant in banking and she is also freelance authorized trainer in soft skills and financial banking techniques. She studied banking techniques, communication, sales, NPL, coaching and transactional analysis. She is passionate about education, travel, history, politics, music, reading, movies, cultural events and photography. The views expressed are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of Romania


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