Recycled carton glasses made by Romanian trigger fashion frenzy in Berlin

Glasses made of recycled carton, created by a young Romanian living in Germany have recently stirred a fashion craze in Berlin. The carton glasses, called Die Pappbrille, don’t have lenses and their design is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.

Their inventor, Cantemir Gheorghiu (known as Cante), is a graphic design graduate born in Romania who has lived in Germany since childhood.

Cantemir Gheorghiu selling his carton glasses at a fair

He has already set up an online shop, together with a friend, to sell the glasses. They sell for prices between EUR 0.9 and EUR 4. Visit the online shop here.

Cantemir has created the glasses out of a joke, worn a pair in a club, where a girl gave him her cocktail for this first pair, he told Deutsche Welle.

The raw material he uses to produce the glasses is recycled carton, the type of material thrown away by printing houses – so the production costs are quite low.

The Romanian inventor has sold the carton glasses at various street events, concerts- sometimes more than 1,000 pieces. He has already received demand from companies which want to place their brands on the carton glasses. Cantemir Gheorghiu and his partner’s plan is to spread the glasses internationally- so soon they might be available in Romania too.