Record daily output for Romania’s largest electricity producer

Romanian hydro-electricity producer Hidroelectrica’s output reached about 80,000 MWh on Friday, May 16, which is the highest daily production ever recorded by the company in its 23 years of existence. Compared to one year ago, Hidroelectrica’s production was 19 percent higher, data shows.

During May, the company has been generating over 70,000 MWh of energy daily due to the high discharge of rivers in Romania. Hidroelectrica’s share in the national electricity output grew to over 45 percent in May, while the share in total local consumption was over 50 percent.

The last time when Hidroelectrica recorded such high production was in 2005. The company’s output is likely to remain high as water debits on the Danube River are expected to grow significantly this week due to heavy rains in the Danube basin last week.

Hidroelectrica operates the Romanian part of the two power plants on the Danube, Portile de Fier (Iron Gates) on and two.

Hidroelectrica is the largest electricity producer in Romania. The company operates over 300 hydro power plants with a total installed capacity of about 6,300 MW. The company is 80 percent owned by the state, while Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea holds the remaining 20 percent. Hidroelectrica is currently in insolvency.

Andrei Chirileasa, [email protected]


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