Real Wolf of Wall Street in Romania: Most expensive tickets sold out in 2 days

Ten businessmen paid almost EUR 1,000 each to attend the conference held by Jordan Belfort in Bucharest on November 18, but also for the opportunity to have lunch with him.

The Platinum Package, the most expensive package put up for sale by the event’s organizers, was sold out in just two days after the official announcement of Jordan Belfort’s coming to Romania.

“The character’s reputation made me subscribe to this event, but also the fact that I want to learn new things. I was determined to choose the Platinum package because it includes lunch with the Wolf of Wall Street, facilitating talks with the guest,” said George-Razvan Lapusneanu, manager of UFX Markets.

Belfort, the American stock broker whose story inspired Martin Scorsese`s movie The Wolf of Wall Street, will come for the first time to Romania this on November 18, for a conference organized by Extreme Training.

At the event, Belfort will present his sales system, Straight Line Persuasion, and will reveal the secret behind his success.

Tickets for the Bucharest conference are still available for prices between EUR 375 to EUR 440. Find more about the event here.

Jordan Belfort came into public attention as a “bad guy” after he was prosecuted for securities fraud and money laundering in one of the largest stock market scandals on Wall Street in the 90s. He served 22 months in prison for a pump and dump stock selling scheme which cost his clients approximately USD 200 million in losses.

His rise to success and his extravagant lifestyle were portrayed in The Wolf of Wall Street movie in which Leonardo diCaprio plays Jordan Belfort.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]