Rare medical case in Romania: twins born seven weeks apart

A Romanian woman’s pregnancy has become an extremely rare case in the medical world: the woman gave birth to two twin girls, seven weeks apart.

Both babies survived, and were born in two different calendar years. This was possible because one of the twins was born prematurely in November 2014, while the other one was born to term, almost two months later, in January 2015.

The 41-year old woman, who had never had any problems during her pregnancy, delivered the first baby naturally. After the premature birth at 7 months, contractions stopped. Doctors advised her to keep the second twin and try to carry to term. The twins were in different embryo sacs and had separate placentas, which made it possible for them to be born separately.

The second twin was born via c-section in early January 2015, at the Cantancuzino hospital in Bucharest. “It is extremely rare; I don’t even know which medical mechanism stopped contractions for the second twin. It was nothing short of God’s miracle,” said doctor Adrian Sorin Crăciun, quoted by Mediafax newswire.

Both babies were underweight at birth: the first weighed just 900 grams. Almost two months later, the twin sister weighed only 1 kilogram at birth. The two babies stayed in the hospital until the end of January, when the firstborn weighed 2.2 kilos, and the second, 2.9 kilos. Their mother already has a 19-year old son.

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