Private hospital in Vienna treats twice more Romanians in 2017

Wiener Privatklinik (WPK), one of the biggest private hospitals in Austria, treated 630 Romanian patients in 2017, twice more than in the previous year, the hospital announced in a press release.

Romanian patients represented 20% of the hospitals international clients.

Some 60% of the Romanian patients went to WPK for its innovative cancer treatments, namely immunotherapy and personalized targeted therapy. Another 10% of the Romanian clients went for check-up or second medical opinion services and the remaining 30% were treated in the orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine, and cardiovascular medicine centers.

The increase in the number of Romanian patients was also due to the opening of a WPK office in Bucharest in 2016.

Vienna is one of the preferred medical destinations for wealthy Romanian patients. The Vienna General Hospital (AKH) has also been treating a high number of Romanians each year.

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(photo source: Wiener Privatklinik – WPK Romania on Facebook)