Prince Charles of Wales meets Romanian president Basescu and PM Boc in Bucharest

Romanian president Traian Basescu met the Prince Charles of Wales (in picture, rigth to left) towards the end of last week, while the Prince was on a private visit to Romania. After having greeted Charles of Wales at the Cotroceni presidential palace in Bucharest, Basescu made a joke in front of the media, saying everybody would like to ask his Royal Highness about Prince William, who has recently married. The Prince of Wales was on a private tour to Romania, where he visited several villages in Transylvania. The Prince has also met Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc at the end of last week.

“Back when I first visited Transylvania I was fascinated by this beautiful part of the world. Located in the South – East of Europe, in the heart of Romania, Transylvania is a place of extraordinary beauty, rich in culture. In the last decade , the foundation has ensured the future of traditional Saxon villages and helped preserve the scenery. The entire project was a successful one, helping preserve these places, helping them become prosperous without losing their historic, cultural values,” the Prince of Wales said in a TV interview about his foundation’s activity in Romania.

The Prince of Wales, next in line for the British throne, has a long-standing interest in Romania and has visited the country regularly since his first visit in 1998. He owns several renovated guest houses in Transylvania, among which one in the village of Viscri.

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