President Iohannis launches Educated Romania strategy

President Klaus Iohannis publicly launched the “Educated Romania” report on December 5. The document outlines the vision for the development of Romania’s education system by 2030, lists the problems currently faced by the system and proposes a series of solutions.

Edupedu specialised publication criticised the report as vague. The report includes two sets of proposals for each area under consideration, so that it pleases both the reformist NGOs and the unions that are more conservative, Edupedu claims.

The report talks about the importance of teacher training, but it does not bring any concrete proposals in this regard. The authors of the report propose “alternative pathways to career “, and mention “the implementation of a new system of initial training of the professionals in the sector of education,” failing to specify whether this refers to the so-called didactic masters programmes, stipulated in the law as early as 2011 but not yet set in place.

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