Positive Romania – Tom de Vos, Cegeka: RO is one of the most hidden treasures when it comes to nature

As Romania celebrates 100 years since its unification this year, Romania-Insider.com aims to put the spotlight on the positive things that make the country a great place to live and work in, and visit. We have asked business leaders to share their thoughts on Romania.

Belgian Tom de Vos, Director Nearshore of Cegeka Group, says people, safety and nature are three of Romania’s main assets today.

Q: Romania celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year, an important moment in the country’s existence. Please name three positive things that you think define Romania today.

1.People – bright, intelligent, warm people with attention to hospitality both in business as in private life once you get to know them

2.Safety – as far as my experience goes Bucharest is one of the safest cities I’ve spent time in

3.Nature – Romania is one of the most hidden treasures when it comes to nature. Everyone should have a road trip through Romania on their wish list.

Q:Please name three things about Romania or things that you consider would need improvement so that the country reaches its potential.

1.Transportation system (highways, public transport, …)

2.Remove Bureaucracy – to improve the ease of doing business

3.Stability – Political, social, fiscal

Q:Based on your experience as Director in Romania, please name three things that you think Romanians are really good at.

1.Work ethics

2.Technical abilities (engineering, development, …)


Q:What are three things about Romania/Romanians that you think are under rated and how could they be promoted better?

1.their social responsibility – make more fuzz about all the social initiatives

2.their humor – organize more comedy shows in English

3.their professional capabilities – bring more stories to the European community

Q:A milestone anniversary such as this one is a good opportunity to make plans for the future. What do you think are the main three things on which Romania should base its development strategy for the next 50 or 100 years?

1.Infrastructure in the country

2.Mobility in the cities

3.Stability and trust as a country to improve doing business in Europe

Q:Please name your three favorite places or experiences in Romania.

1.Bucharest, I live there and I have access to everything I could ever need

2.Iasi, very social, open and empathic people. Very nice little city with a vivid city centre

3.Sinaia – close to Bucharest’s busy city life but only 1.5 hours away a quiet, comfortable environment of nature. Especially in Autumn, when the colors of nature change to very beautiful sceneries

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(Photo source: Cegeka)