Porsche trials car subscription service in Romania

Porsche Romania has introduced a pilot car subscription service program on the local market, a first in the company’s offer worldwide.

The program targets individual clients who wish to drive a new car every year. Two car models are available in the program so far: 50 Volkswagen Golf cars and 50 Volkswagen Tiguan models, Mediafax reported.

Those acquiring the service need to pay a down payment and 12 monthly installments. At the end of the year, they return the car, and pay a new down payment, followed by 12 other installments for a new model. A Volkswagen Golf entails a monthly installment of EUR 270 plus VAT, while a Tiguan model comes at a monthly installment of EUR 440 plus VAT.

“Together with Porsche Romania we are offering, as part of a pilot program comprising 100 cars, a service offering clients the option of driving a car for one year. After a year, they can replace the car so that they have a new car all the time. The change is from owning a car to seeing it as a mobility solution. The service is available to individual clients but anyone can acquire it,” David Gedlicka, the general manager of Porsche Finance Group in Romania, said.

Gedlicka also explained that the service is a first among those offered by the group.

“This type of project is not available in the Porsche Holding offer of any other country. We are launching it in Romania for the first time and we are curious to see how it will be received,” Gedlicka said.

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