(P) Wind energy capacity in Romania doubles in 2012

TPA Horwath recently published its yearly report on „Wind energy and other renewable energy sources in Romania”, a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the renewable energy sector in România. The Report shows a 112,6% growth in Romania’s installed wind capacity in 2011, versus the year 2010, and estimates its capacity to double by the end of 2012.

The 2012 „Wind energy and other renewable energy sources in Romania” report examines the main factors that steer the rapid growth of the wind energy sector in Romania, as well as the future directions of this evolution. According to the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), wind energy is now the most developed alternative energy source in Romania. The total capacity of windfarms in use amounted to 982 MW in December 2011, as compared to 462 MW in December 2010.

Romania ranked 7th within the European Union in terms of the wind capacity installed in 2011, with its additional 520 MW wind capacity installed, after Germany (2,086 MW), Great Britain (1,293 MW), Spain (1,050 MW), Italy (950 MW), France (830 MW) and Sweden (763 MW).

Romania reached 1,140 MW installed wind capacity in April 2012, while renewable energy experts estimate that installed wind power capacity will probably increase to almost 2,000 MW by the end of 2012 as investors access European Union-approved incentives for investment in renewable industry.

The 2012 „Wind energy and other renewable energy sources in Romania” Report represents a reliable business intelligence tool for all investors in the field, compiling a thorough assessment of the renewable energy sector in Romania, Europe and the world with all relevant information regarding the legal framework for the preparation, building and operation of a renewable energy project and for the trading of green certificates. In addition to this, the study includes an in depth approach to tax and financial issues concerning investing in renewable energy, a review of financing sources and practical information on technologies and infrastructure in the field, length of procedures and profitability projections.

„Wind energy and other renewable energy sources in Romania” 2012 is the second edition of an annual report realized by accounting and audit firm TPA Horwath Romania and law firm Schoenherr şi Asociaţii, in collaboration with the Romanian Wind Energy Association.

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