(P) Welcome to Dr. Vereanu Dental Clinic – Excellence in the art of dentistry

Dr. Anca Vereanu and the team of the Clinica Dr. Vereanu offer you a holistic dental concept, based on the most modern technologies, minimally invasive methods and maximum esthetic results. We combine many years of experience and technical qualifications with our comprehensive performance and service spectrum.

Our Philosophy

Our motto, „Excellence in the Art of Dentistry“, expresses the way dentistry sees itself today – as a symbiosis of aesthetics and science of art and technology.

Today’s dentistry means much more than “fillings and dental replacements“. Instead, it has developed into the art of esthetic perfection, answering not only to the demands of functionality but also to the highest requirements of facial harmony. This is why we start from an inspirational visualization of the result, to which we subordinate the technical implementation of the process.

In order to always achieve the optimal possible results, contemporary dentistry employs high-end technologies and processes.

The intertwining of various specializations, the interdisciplinarity, serves the goal of understanding and treating the human body as a functional unit. In every treatment we endeavor, our basic principle is that of minimally invasive intervention leading to maximally pleasing esthetic results.

Implant Therapy

Dental implants represent the best replacement for a missing tooth. For the long haul, they offer the optimal combination of functionality, stability, and esthetics. With the help of the newest technologies, such as 3D planning and modern implant design, we are able to implement minimally invasive treatments, which result in lasting tooth replacement in as little as an hour.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry developed in order to meet the desires of the patient, aesthetically more demanding. Nowadays having a mouth free of biological and functional problems is not enough. Patients want beautiful smiles that are integrated with their physical characteristics but also in harmony with the emotional aspects.

To achieve this kind of result the dentist needs to become a modern professional who goes beyond just being a good dentist. Designers need to turn on the Smile!
 The Concept DSD(DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN) aims to help the dentist this aspect improved visualization aesthetics of the patient’s problems and possible solutions clearing.

The process of transformation of a smile must take into account the patient’s wishes. The fundamental question is: what the patient wants to express with his smile? We can create different designs of smiles each with a specific character. The key is to figure out which is the design that will harmonize with these morpho-psychological aspects of the patient. The DSD also aims to help in this quest by creating a channel of communication between dentist and patient that facilitates the process.

You are warmly welcome!

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