(P) The ROLANG manual, “Learn Romanian”, reaches its 3rd edition

The ROLANG manual, “Learn Romanian”, is a benchmark in its field. The book written by Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea is the most comprehensive manual dedicated to the foreigners interested in learning Romanian, from the complete beginner to advanced level learner. The books are suitable for adults willing to learn or to improve their knowledge of the Romanian language (e.g. students, diplomatic staff, business people, employees etc.), Romanian teachers looking for teaching high quality lessons and anyone else willing to learn Romanian.

The books are suitable for adults willing to learn or to improve their knowledge of the Romanian language (e.g. students, diplomatic staff, business people, employees etc.), Romanian teachers looking for teaching high quality lessons and anyone else willing to learn Romanian. The purpose of the book is to give learners the most important vocabulary, useful phrases and grammar in order to deal with common language use.

The work is divided into 2 books (manual and exercise book), with a total number of 812 pages, and it is accompanied by a USB flash drive with audio files that can be used in various kinds of devices: laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The books will provide you with an introduction to the Romanian language, enabling the students to gain an awareness and understanding of key features of this language. The students will learn using a mix of audio files, dialogues, grammar, exercises, speech acts and extended vocabulary sections.
The division into chapters corresponds to the language level curricula described in the European Language Passport (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). Throughout the book, the students will also find some examples of correct writing and common mistakes. The lessons are very well structured, with excellent grammar explanations and dialogues, good rhythm, good balance and variation of different exercises. Information flows naturally and dialogues and speech acts reflect daily life situations.

The “Learn Romanian” manual develops skills such as writing, speaking, listening and understanding. Each lesson contains dialogues, vocabulary sections, common phrases used in everyday life, grammar explanations, and examples of correct usage. The 3rd edition also adopts a “teach yourself” approach, with all dialogues and grammar explanations translated into English, in order to facilitate independent learning for English speakers.

Lesson topics are focused on the practical aspects of everyday life: common phrases, let’s introduce ourselves, nationalities, getting directions, a phone conversation, seasons, months and the days of the week, daily activities, at the shop, at the exchange house, at the restaurant, means of transportation, getting a taxi, at the market, invitation to the cinema, the apartment, tourist information office, about holiday, the meals of the day, a letter, family album, at the doctor, hotel reservation, about Bucharest, sports, weather, working on the computer, at the hairdresser, suitcases, shopping, driving lesson, cleaning the house, a complaint, traveling by plane, about education, banking, about the cities in Romania, about conferences, interviews.

The grammar part is very well structured and explained, being easy to follow by people who have a good language background, as well as by beginners. The grammar part covers topics such as: present tense, definite and indefinite article, noun plural, adverbs, conjunctions, numerals, adjective-noun agreement, adjectives, reflexive, verbs, prepositions, past tense, future tense, degrees of comparison of the adjective, imperative, personal pronouns in the accusative and dative, impersonal phrases with pronouns in the dative cases, possessive structures, demonstrative adjectives, imperfect indicative, contractions, negative pronouns and adjectives, genitive case, relative pronouns and adjectives, pluperfect indicative, present and past conditional.

There is also a special insertion at the end of the book, a number of 14 texts related to the origin of the Romanian language, geography, culture, research, inventions, art, sports and very useful tips: how to write letters in Romanian.

The exercise book contains applications for all lessons and offers an in depth presentation of each topic. The notebook has a various range of exercises (500 exercises and the answer key), starting with ‘filling in’ type and arriving to translation exercises.

The book is based on the author’s 12 years of experience teaching Romanian to foreigners and it functions as a usage guide, a conversation manual and a guide to structure and grammar. The book is also useful for teachers who are looking for explanations of language difficulties and it is cited in academic bibliographies.

The manual written by Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea is published by ROLANG Publishing House, owned by ROLANG School, the only school in Romania that specializes in teaching Romanian language to foreigners. The 3rd edition represents the pinnacle of the author’s experience after publishing the 1st edition in 2008 and the 2nd edition in 2010. The work represents the school’s text-book of Romanian language and it is the best opportunity for students to learn Romanian language and for teachers to teach high-quality lessons.

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