(P) Romanian project aims to reimagine the future of cities

By 2050 more than 68% of the world population will live in cities. But how prepared are the cities to accommodate these new inhabitants and ensure a high standard of living?

If we look at the current situation, congested traffic, low air quality, low urban mobility are just some of the challenges that decision makers face.

And most of us are familiar with them because we like to protest about them. We share on Facebook, we sign petitions.

However, there is one thing that many of us seem to lack: action.

Although we know what’s wrong with the cities that we live in, we seldom do something about it.

This is the main challenge that Urban Talks tries to solve, to take us from being aware of the problems that our cities face, to taking action.

Urban Talks is a conference taking place in Timișoara, Romania, on September 28th and aims to put in the same place members of the public administration, the business sector and, most important, the citizens, in order to find solutions for the challenges that cities face.

Urban Talks is the only event in Romania, and probably in Europe, that discusses the future of cities being the “smart city” meaning.

As Grațian Mihăilescu, the founder of the project says „When we think about the future of cities we always put the equal sign to „smart city”. But the cities of the future must be about much more. They must be creative, sustainable and, most important, a city that we would like to live in. The question is: How do we create them?”.

To this question will try to answer 15 speakers from 6 countries that will get together with the participants and debate, present case studies and best practices and networking opportunities.

The conference program includes:

  • Timisoara, Oradea & Arad Mayors roundtable
  • Speakers from World Bank & European Commission
  • International Experts from the Netherlands, Sweden & Finland
  • 3 tracks: SMART Cities, Sustainable Cities, Creative Cities
  • 2 panels: Leaders of Public Administration & Businesses

Another unique aspect of the event will be the launch of „Bega canal competition”, a challenge that aims to find solutions for the unused banks of the Bega river in order to give them back to the community.

That’s why 50% of every ticket sold will go to support this initiative.

Those who want to learn more about the event and participate can learn more by visiting the official website.

(p) – this article is an advertorial.