(P) ROLANG School organizes the 5th edition of the Romanian language summer school in Sibiu this year

The only Romanian language school exclusively for foreigners, ROLANG, organizes in Sibiu the 5th edition of the Romanian language summer school between 27th of July – 7th of August 2015, in collaboration with the Faculty of Journalism within the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu.

The program includes morning activities (30 hours of class courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners) and afternoon activities (8 hours of immersion courses, museum visits, film screenings, guided tour of Sibiu city center).

The teaching programs are suitable for students of all ages as well as for the different language skills requirements. Participants must be at least 18 years old to enroll in the summer school program. The minimum number of students for each group is 5 with a maximum of 10.

The instructors are Ph.D. holders, authors of Romanian manuals for foreigners and University of Bucharest teachers. They help the students communicate in Romanian with confidence and they provide support, feedback and assistance to every student.

The course curricula is adapted to the students, with favorite topics arranged around the student’s interests. The teaching method is based on communication. The classroom activities are structured around real life situations, focused on conversation, role-playing, discussions, vocabulary and grammar exercises.

The language levels are established according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The beginner level (A1 and A2 level) develops basic communication skills on Romanian language, by learning familiar everyday phrases and words and basic grammar notions. The intermediate level (B1 and B2 level) develops skills such as communication about familiar topics, understanding texts with a high frequency in a conversation, writing messages or short compositions describing feelings, emotions and impressions. The advanced level (C1 and C2 level) aims in developing spontaneous conversations on various topics, comprehension of long and complex texts or compositions, understanding of any kind of spoken Romanian language.

The fee is of 230 euros (morning package) or 295 euros (morning and afternoon activities). The 3rd edition of the “Learn Romanian” written by Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea costs 39 euros (manual, exercise book, audio files on USB flash drive).

“The 5th edition of the summer school in Sibiu is near. We are happy to be the only school in Romania that specializes in teaching Romanian as a foreign language and we are very honored to meet every day interesting people, extremely passionate about the Romanian language and culture. We are also very passionate about what we are doing. The experience of working with foreigners and teaching Romanian language to international students is wonderful. Every year the experience of the summer school is different because people are different: students, writers, doctors, translators, teachers etc. They are in love with Romania and they return every year both in Sibiu and Bucharest, at our programs on Romanian language. All of them achieve their language learning goals and their effort is laudable. We are very happy to help the students acquire a good level of Romanian and improve their Romanian language skills in a supportive learning environment. The summer school in Sibiu is special because here we also organize cultural activities in the afternoon. This is an opportunity for the students to discover and learn many things not only about our language, but also about the Romanian culture and civilization”, said Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea, ROLANG School managing director.

The deadline for registration is 30th of June 2015.

More info about ROLANG summer school here: Learn Romanian Summer School

ROLANG School is the only school in Romania that specializes in teaching Romanian language to international students. The school was founded in 2009 by Mona Moldoveanu Pologea, Ph.D. Linguist, and became very fast a leading provider of Romanian language courses for international students. The school provides a wide range of Romanian language programs (class courses, individual courses, summer school and online courses) and it uses its own course materials (the“Learn Romanian” manual, written by the school managing director). More than 2000 students came from over 35 countries to study Romanian language at ROLANG School. Since 2011 ROLANG became a member of the European Language Council.

(p) – this article is an advertorial