(P) The first villas that can be purchased with a green mortgage, reaching savings of over 50.000 euros in 20 years!

Visit Amber Gardens, the first green luxury and intelligent homes residential project in Romania, Sunday, April 22nd, between 10:00 – 17:00.

Alesonor, the developer of the innovating real estate project Amber Gardens, starts the construction of the last 18 available green luxury and smart homes in the complex. The villas have built areas ranging from 165 sqm to 273 sqm and gardens with areas starting from 350 sqm. Also, the Alesonor team of experts’ designs and builds in the Amber Gardens complex custom villas with built surfaces of over 400 sqm.

The investment in an Amber Gardens green luxury home of 182 sqm, with 3 bedrooms, an office and a garden of approx. 350 sqm, starts at 215.000 euros + VAT. The monthly green mortgage rate for this type of dwelling is estimated at approx. 1.075 euros, with an advance payment of 15%, in the case of a 30-year real estate loan.

For the Amber Gardens green luxury homes with a surface of 273 sqm, 4 bedrooms, an office, a garage and a garden of 550 sqm, the investment starts at 330.000 euros + VAT and the monthly green mortgage rate starts at 1,650 euros.

The new luxury green homes entirely respect the energetic efficiency standards, the high quality and durability of the passive homes standards, modern design, comfort, healthy environment, safety and privacy of the Amber Gardens project. The luxurious residential complex Amber Gardens, located on Otopeni-Tunari area, will host 50 green luxury homes dominated by gardens and wide streets, it has a green playground, a tennis and basketball court and a charging station for electric cars.

The green luxury and intelligent homes Amber Gardens can be visited on Sunday, April 22nd, between 10:00 – 17:00.

For appointments reach out to us at +40765 250 777.

At the event, financial experts will advise the clients on the acquisition of a real estate loan of an Amber Gardens green luxury home.

What does a green luxury and intelligent home mean

Amber Gardens is the first green luxury residential project in Romania, which integrates bioclimatic design principles and follows the passive house standards, the most performant energetic standard in the world.

Engineered for high performance, Amber Gardens homes use 90 percent less energy than conventional equivalent buildings.

Amber Gardens is also the first residential project in Romania with intelligent homes.

Besides the Smart Home applications, with which the owner of the house is getting the possibility to control temperature, humidity, air quality, lights and surveillance cameras through web based applications from anywhere in the world, the Amber Gardens villas can be customized with the most innovative technologies and systems, including: solar panels for hot water, photovoltaic panels, unique radiant ceiling system, used both for cooling and heating, heat pump and a natural ventilation unit with heat recovery, innovative system with LED lighting, anti-freezing system, central vacuum cleaning system etc.

The green home a long-term investment

Energy efficient and built at high-quality standards, the Amber Gardens green luxury homes are considered safe investments by the banking institutions, qualifying for Green Mortgage, a mortgage especially created for residential green projects.

Thus, the smallest Amber Gardens home could bring savings to its owners of approximately 70.000 euro throughout 20 years due to its efficient usage and lower maintenance costs, lower monthly green mortgage rates and 50% reduction of the green building tax.

Certifications and Awards

Amber Gardens luxury residential project was the first villa project in Romania which received the “Green Home” certification, awarded by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC), at the beginning of 2015, upon its launch. Since then, Amber Gardens is still the only villa project in Bucharest and Ilfov County which holds this certification.

“Green homes offer substantial savings to the costs on energy and ensure quality, health and comfort as supplementary benefits by comparison to the standard homes available on the market. An independent certification offers to buyers a warranty regarding the way in which the house was built in order to reach these high sustainability standards. We were glad to award our Green Homes certification issued by Romania Green Building Council to Alesonor residential developer for Amber Gardens project, the first villa project in Bucharest area and in Romania to have successfully fulfilled and even exceeded the necessary standards to receive the certification.”, said Monica Ardeleanu, Executive Director, RoGBC.


About Alesonor, the developer of the Amber Gardens project

Alesonor is a real estate developing company, founded in Romania in 2003. Since approximately 15 years, Alesonor has been investing in successful real estate projects, including commercial and industrial projects, but having as main objective the development of luxury residential and also environment-friendly projects, a field in which the company has gained important experience on the Romanian market.

With an investment capital of approx. 45 million EUR in real estate projects and land acquisition, Alesonor has successfully developed and sold the following residential projects: Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivy Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence. The newest Alesonor project is Amber Gardens, the first large-scale residential project in Romania with luxury green homes that integrates bioclimatic design and follows the passive house standard, the most performant energetic standard in the world.

(p) – this article is an advertorial.