(P) Fifth anniversary of Mazars Forum: Inspiration for Business, Career and Life

Mazars, the international group specialized in audit, consulting and accounting, tax, and legal services, is hosting its fifth annual Forum in Romania, with a generous and timely theme: Digitalisation from a social and economic vantage point and remarkable guest speakers.

The Forum on May 10th will welcome as keynote speakers professor dr. Manfred Spitzer, German psychiatrist, psychologist, neuroscientist, founder of the Transfer Center for Neurosciences and Learning (ZNL) and Tomáš Sedláček, Czech economist and Chief Macroeconomic Strategist at ČSOB, author of “Economics of Good and Evil”.

Mazars Romania opens the stage for topics that reflect the reality we are living in and intends to enhance the awareness for the mega-trends that will shape our future. The debates will capitalize on social repercussions and behaviors related to the most powerful tool mankind possesses: the human brain and its transformation under the influence of technology.

“Brains do not download information, but construct knowledge, which is used to access information. There no such thing as knowledge on demand. Without knowledge, information cannot be accessed. A brain without knowledge is like a very weak muscle”, says Dr. Manfred Spitzer.

The panels, which are to be attended by top international and local thinkers, IT and media specialists, researchers and business representatives, will discuss the disruptive perspective on digitalization from a social and economic point of view. According to Tomáš Sedláček “Money can travel in time – this is mainly thanks to interest rate. It is key to realize that you always borrow from your own future; both at a level of Government, company and an individual.”

As a modern company, bringing together organic growth, high concentration of knowledge, sustainability and agility, Mazars recognizes the impact and ramifications of digital technologies that are touching every aspect of the human life: genesis, education, labour, economics, security, and governance.

The partnership is permanently taking steps towards transformation. One of the latest is the acquisition of the French prescriptive data analytics start-up Zettafox, a strategic acquisition for the internal transformation of the business. This complements the open innovation and start-up incubator programs the group has offered for the past several years.

“Our work is much more than Audit, Advisory, Tax and Accounting. We strongly believe in responsibility and want to show this by putting the spotlight on burning topics of life, career and business affecting us all. The Mazars Forum opens questions to a time that is ahead of us; it allows specialists and leaders to have a platform for debate among peers.” concludes Dino Ebneter, Mazars Romania Country Managing Partner.

(p) – this article is an advertorial