(P) DHL Carpathian Marathon 2018 is SOLD OUT! Over 140 people in the organizing team and 5,000 hours of work to provide an amazing experience for the participants!

Only one day left until the start of one of the most awaited mountain running competitions in Romania: 98% on mountain paths, only 2% on road! DHL Carpathian Marathon is tomorrow, at Cheile Gradistei – Fundata Resort, and awaits all sports lovers to enjoy an exciting experience in the heart of one of Europe’s wildest regions, the Carpathian Mountains.

We are happy to announce that all available seats in the competition have been filled and the event is SOLD OUT! Almost 1,500 runners, both adults and children, accepted to participate in a special event, with an energetic atmosphere, but also to fight for the dreams of the Romanian Paralympics, the cause that DHL Carpathian Marathon supports for the fourth consecutive year, under the motto: “Discover new horizons. Make your run count!”. All funds raised from this event will be donated to the National Paralympic Committee.

  • The registrations are closed, all the seats being occupied.
  • Useful information about DHL Carpathian Marathon, services and logistics can be found in the competition’s Race Guide, published on the official website.
  • More than 140 people from the organizing team will be Saturday on the route and at the start line at Cheile Gradistei, Fundata Resort.
  • The Paralympic Sports Day is organized with this occasion.

The participants will start the race tomorrow, at 10:00, in the Race Village, at the Cheile Gradistei – Fundata Resort, in Brasov County, and will enjoy running on 42 km, 21 km and 7 km races, but also on shorter distances, in Kids’ Races. Fundata, guarded by the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains, is the highest peak in the country, at 1360 meters, and it is said that the air is the cleanest here. Thus, the participants will take part in a thrilling running nature experience, enjoying the spectacular views and amazing trails.

More than 5,000 hours of work and over 50 vehicles, trucks and ATVs have been deployed to set up the ninth edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon. The routes cross unique areas, approached in premiere by a mountain running competition in Romania, most of them not being yet explored by athletes.

”I’m eager to participate again at this great experience, to run the relay, and I hope all the participants will be as enthusiastic as I am! I definitely know we all have to be grateful being part of this event, running and making our run count, because we’re contributing at the performance of Romanian Paralympic athletes, the social cause the event stands for! Right now, almost 1.500 participants are taking part in this unique and unforgettable experience. It’s an event with tradition, with great potential, with amazing people who accepted this challenge and all we have to do is to enjoy, simply enjoy the experience, this Saturday, at Cheile Gradistei! See you at the start line!”, said Daniel Kearvell, Director General DHL Express Romania.

We are reminding that the participants’ training for this type of event is essential. Each runner must pay attention to his physical condition, to technical details both of the Start / Finish area and on the route, and to the equipment needed in this mountain race. All competitors will be able to attend the pre-race heating session and will have access to the food and nutrition points during the event, both in the Race Village and on the tracks.

All information about DHL Carpathian Marathon, services and logistics can be found in the competition’s Race Guide, published on the official event’s page. For a memorable and safe experience, the runners are invited to download and read it before the start of the event, from the official event website.

Check out all the event’s details here.

(p) – this article is an advertorial.