(P) ″THE TIMES Legal Innovation″ – Intellectual Property Award Top Innovations in Romanian Legal Practice 2018 Gala

On 18th December 2018, The Times Legal Innovations Awards Gala in Romania took place, where the law firm Grecu & Associates received the Excellence Award in Intellectual Property in Romania.

Having a relevant experience in the field of intellectual property, Grecu & Associates has as its starting point the year 2006, when its foundations were laid by Ms. Elena Grecu – specialized lawyer in Intellectual Property and Business Law.

During the 12 years of activity in business law practice, the law firm grew up to 17 business law specialists, most of whom are also specialists in the field of intellectual property. In 2013, Ms. Raluca Comanescu joined the team and she has become a partner in the company.

Grecu & Associates stands out for its niche expertise, providing its clients with legal advice and representation in the field of intellectual property, advertising law, consumer law, personal data protection, and more.

In a challenging business environment, like the one in the last 10 years, the company managed to grow by continuously improving the team and putting the training of the lawyers at the forefront, and also the craftsmanship of the services provided to customers and partners. Each project is individually handled by teams of several lawyers and specialists working together to provide the best solutions.

The company’s lawyers support and represent the clients before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and the European Office – EUIPO, but also in front of other authorities or institutions such as the Romanian Advertising Council, the National Audiovisual Council, the National Authority for Consumer Protection, or the Ministry of Public Finance.

In order to support the law branches in which the company operates, Ms. Elena Grecu has published several specialized books, among which we can list: “Community trademarks, Practical guide for registering trademarks in the European Union”, “Contracts Guide for Entrepreneurs” and in the year 2017 published the book “How to legally communicate or the Advertising Law” which addresses topics such as advertising ethics, superlative and comparative advertising, the use of children in advertising, the right to their own image, the rules on packaging and labeling of products.

After receiving the award, Ms. Elena Grecu and Ms. Raluca Comanescu thanked to their colleagues and also to the company’s clients without whom this special moment would not have been possible.

(p) – This article is an Advertorial.