Motocross pilot sets up off-road circuit close to Bucharest

Romanian Adrian Răduță, an awarded professional motocross pilot, has set up a large off-road circuit close to Bucharest, in Ciolpani.

The 1.2 km long circuit can be used by both amateurs and professionals. It is part of the TCS Racing Park, which covers a circuit with 20 platforms and slopes. The track also includes a water obstacle that is 12 meters long.

“It is a project we have been thinking about for some time and, because the surface of the TCS Racing Park allows it, we decided to set up a circuit for those who are passionate about 4X4 off-road, not just for motorcyclists. It is currently the longest circuit in the country and targets both professionals and amateurs,” Răduță explained, quoted by

TCS Racing Park is located on the national road linking Bucharest to Ploiesti, at Km 37, Gorgota – Ciolpani.

(Photo: TCS Racing Park Facebook Page)

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