Bucharest City Hall declines to authorize diaspora protest in August

The Bucharest City Hall has declined to issue an authorization for a protest that is supposed to gather the Romanians living the diaspora in the capital on August 10, the organizers of the event announced on Facebook.

The City Hall argued that the protest would contravene to a legal provision requiring public gatherings to take place in a peaceful and civilized manner, without impacting the public transport or the functioning of public institutions.

The answer of the City Hall to the request for approval was published by the group Iesiti in Strada Daca Va Pasa on their Facebook page.

The organizers of the protest declared themselves unhappy with the answer and asked why the rally organized by the ruling coalition parties at the beginning of June was not covered by the same provision. They also suggested that the rally will take place anyway, because they “learned how to obtain a protest authorization since 1989.”

On Facebook, the August 10 protest has some 22,000 people listed as going, and 75,000 as interested. They are listed from countries such as Italy, Great Britain, Spain or Germany.

The capital’s Victoriei Square, where the August 10 protest is also planned to take place, has seen numerous rallies since early 2017, when massive protests were organized in Bucharest and all over the country to block a Government emergency ordinance that aimed at partly decriminalizing abuse of office. More recently, protests were organized at the end of June asking for the Government’s resignation.

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(photo source: Uniunea Salvati Romania on Facebook)