New biomass energy plant planned with EUR 41 mln investment in Cluj, Romania

Romanian-Italian energy firm Romita Energie Verde plans to invest around EUR 41 million in a biomass power plant in Cluj County. The plant will produce both thermal energy and electricity and will have a production capacity of at least 10 MW, although the capacity could reach as high as 19 MW, according to the company.

The energy plant will use 120,000 tonnes per year of waste wood and other biomass wood and the company claims to have already pre-contracted supplies.

The company will use a 22,000 hectare site in the Bontida Municipality, in Cluj County, in an area which already hosts other industrial units. As a producer of renewable energy, Romita Energie Verde can sell electricity on the open market and offer green certificates for sale, under the current system in Romania. The project will be partly funded by the EU.

Romita Energie Verde is a Romanian based renewable energy company founded in 2008 with Romanian and Italian capital.

Liam Lever, [email protected]

(photo source: US Energy Dept.)


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