National Integrity Agency in Romania investigates former head of Financial Guard

The National Agency for Integrity (ANI) in Romania has notified the Court of Appeal’s Wealth Research Commission in the case of former Chief Commissioner of the Financial Guard Bucharest, Stelica Constantin, who can not justify earnings of around EUR 740,000.

According to ANI, the total revenues obtained by Stelica Constantin during his mandates of General Counsel in the Municipality of Bucharest (2004 – 2008), Local Councillor in the City Council of Otopeni (2008 – present), and Chief Commissioner at the Financial Guard Bucharest (2009 -2011) reached RON 315,583. Constantin’s possessed wealth, that has unjustified parts, according to data entered in the tax records, is RON 3,426,840.

The Romanian media also connected Constantin to the Aversa bankruptcy. Stelica Constantin was named the head of the company Aversa in Bucharest in 2005, being dismissed in August, 2006.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]