Movie tough man Steven Seagal adopts stray dog in Romania

US actor Steven Seagal has adopted a stray dog from Romania to “set a good example” following the country’s decision to allow euthanasia for strays.

The action-movie star posed for photos with Grivei, the stray dog he adopted in Dogtown in Uzunu, south of Bucharest on Sunday (November 17). The adoption will however be a distance  one, as Segal will not be able to take he dog back with him upon returning in the US.

The actor, who is a dog lover and has four dogs at home, will send every month RON 60 (or EUR 13) for Grivei. His donation also included 4 tonnes of dog food.

Seagal pointed out that all dogs in the shelter have international adoption passports and anyone in the world can adopt a stray dog from Romania, also via distance adopton, which means sending money every month for their dog in Romania to be taken care of.

There are around 1,400 dogs at the Dogtown dog shelter in Uzunu, and the association Portico, which runs the shelter, continues to expand it.

Seagal said he wants to be an example to the people in Romania by adopting the dog, after Romania’s top court ruled in favor of a law to kill tens of thousands of stray dogs from the streets of Bucharest after a four-year-old boy was mauled to death in September.

Stray dogs can now be put down if they are not adopted within two weeks of being captured.

Seagal, 61, became an action movie star during the 1990s, employing his martial arts skills, being a master in Aikido. He has starred in 21 movies, which have made more than USD 774 million at the world wide box office, according to website

The actor has visited Romania several times over the past few years to shoot scenes for various movies. He is a campaigner for animal rights and has worked with animal welfare group Peta in the past. 

By Shaun Turton, [email protected] 

(photo source: Steven Segal on Facebook)


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