Over four out of five Romanians want to remain in the EU


Some 85% of the Romanians would remain in the European Union (EU), and 15% would want the country out of the union, a recent research from Orb International shows. On the other hand, the UK is the only country of the 14 polled where a majority want out of the EU.

According to the survey, 64% of the people in the surveyed countries would prefer to stay in the EU, similar to the results registered a year ago.

Romania registers the highest level of support for staying in the European Union – 85% (15% want to leave), followed by Bulgaria – 80% (18% would leave), Ireland – 78% (22% would leave the EU), Germany – 72% (28% would leave), Finland – 71% (29% want to leave), and Spain – 68% (18% would elect to leave). Low figures are registered in France – 55% (30% would choose to leave the EU), Sweden – 53% (35% would leave), and UK – 36% (43% would vote to leave).

When the undecided respondents are excluded, the survey’s results change: 54% of the Britons want to leave the EU, as well as 42% of the Italians, 41% of the Dutchmen, and 39% of the Danes.

The research also shows that more than 15 years after it was launched, there has also been an increase in those who, if given the choice, would turn their back on the Euro, according to Obi International. Almost one in two (47%) would prefer their national currency, up from 44% last year.

In Romania, 26% of the citizens would prefer the Euro and 56% would keep the country’s national currency. Only 6% of the Britons want the Euro, as well as 9% of the Bulgarians, 12% of the Swedes, and 13% of the Danes.

Among those countries currently using Euro, the support for the single currency has increased over the last year in France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, and Spain.

Find the complete results here.

Three-quarters of Romanians consider themselves European citizens

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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