More Facebook users in Romania

Facebook fans

There are 8.3 million Facebook accounts in Romania, 1.2% more than in November last year, according to Thus, more than four in ten Romanians own a Facebook account.

More than 93% of the Facebook users in Romania (7.76 million) have set their city in their profile. Bucharest has the largest number of users – 2.1 million (27.09% of the total), followed by Timisoara – with 320,000 users, Cluj-Napoca – 250,040, and Iasi – 250,000.

Most of the Romanians who access Facebook very often are aged between 18 and 24 (23.1% of the total), followed by those aged between 35 and 44 (20.4%), and those in the 45-54 and 13-17 age categories (10.3% each).

In terms of gender, most of the users are men (61.32%), the data shows. When it comes to the users’ marital status, married people hold the highest share (62.86%), followed by single people (25.44%).

There were 8.2 million Facebook accounts in Romania in mid-November, 2.4% more than in March and 7.9% more than in January. 

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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