Met Police to award Romanian who fought terrorists in London

Florin Morariu

Florin Morariu, the Romanian baker who fought an attacker at Borough Market in the London terror attack in June 2017, will be awarded by the Metropolitan Police (The Met).

Morariu told Mediafax  he was notified that he would be awarded by the Met on August 21, in London.

Morariu will also be decorated by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Romanian became famous after fighting several terrorists who were stabbing people in central London. He took some 20 people to safety in the bakery where he worked and then went outside to fight the attackers.

In January this year, Morariu wanted to sue the UK for compensations, as his life had changed to the worse after the terrorist attack and the British authorities did nothing to help him.

The Met covers 32 boroughs within Greater London area.

Iasi City Hall to award Romanian baker who fought terrorists in Borough Market attack

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