Media: Romania’s gas deposits could change European energy map

Romania’s recent gas discoveries in the Black Sea could redraw Europe’s energy map, according to a TV coverage broadcasted by TV channel Euronews.

After discovering in 2012 a huge natural gas deposit on the continental shelf of the Romanian Black Sea, Romania’s oil & gas company OMV Petrom has recently identified a gas deposit on the continental shelf, but closer to the Romanian seaside.

By exploiting natural gas in the Black Sea, Romania might not need to import gas anymore, and if the deposits are bigger than currently expected, the extracted hydrocarbons could also cover part of the European needs, explains Mariana Gheorghe, general manager of OMV Petrom, quoted by Euronews.

Romania gets the biggest part of the natural gas it needs from its own resources, and imports from Russia less than 20% of its needs. If confidence in the Russian partner drops even more, the new offshore deposits could prove vital, says Euronews.

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