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videoRare sighting in Romania: Lynx feeding on its prey, captured on camera

Local NGO Fundatia Conservation Carpathia has captured on camera rare images of a lynx feeding on its kill in a forest of the Southern Carpathians in Romania.

Capturing such an amazing wildlife scene on camera is quite rare in Romania as the lynx is a very discreet carnivore, rarely seen by people. The imagines were captured by one of the NGO’s monitoring cameras installed in the woods.

About 1,300 lynxes are estimated to live in Romania’s forests., in partnership with Fundatia Conservation Carpathia, is publishing a series of articles about wildlife in Romania, zooming in on the wild animal and plant species in the Fagaras Mountains area. A first such article about the brown bears roaming Romania’s forests can be found here.

Irina Marica, [email protected]