Luxury car theft again under Police investigation in Romania

The Police have been searching the houses of 27 suspects in Bucharest, Ilfov, Calarasi and Giurgiu counties, looking for evidence of their involvement in a luxury car theft network. The Police will take the 27 suspects into custody, according to officials.

A similar investigation started in August last year, when the Police started investigating employees of the car registration service in Pipera, while searching in 44 other locations, looking for a network of luxury car thieves, who have been under surveillance for the last six months. Apparently, they first rented cars in Spain and Italy, and then, with the help of employees from the car registration service and the Romanian Car Register (RAR), they registered the cars in Romania. Two police officers were among suspects at the time.

Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office had investigated four cases in the previous months, mid-2011, in which several people were accused of stealing luxury cars. Among them was the Romanian footballer, Cristian Munteanu.

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