Discover Romania this summer. What’s your holiday recommendation?

While Romania is struggling to find the right slogan for its tourism re-launch campaigns, many astonishing places out there in the country welcome just a handful of tourists who were lucky enough to find them, and remain unknown for most of us. Places like the Dobrogea caves, the Transilvania villages, the Sarmisegetuza ruins, the salt mines (to give just a few examples which are anyway more known than others), these are not even marked as tourist destinations if travelers happen to pass by in the area.

We are trying to help our readers discover hidden places of Romania, places where they could learn the culture and the traditions, which might soon be lost in the turmoil of the modern world.

Let’s help each other spend some quality time in Romania. If you’ve been to a certain place that you loved, or if you’d like to recommend a certain tourist sight you enjoyed, let the others know! Tell everybody what you liked and why you liked it there, what you enjoyed the most.

We will use your hints in our articles about these places. We will run these articles all throughout the summer.

So we welcome your comments to this post (comments will be moderated for spam protection) . If you also want to share one or two pictures from your trips, or if you want to write more about what has charmed you during your holidays in Romania, send an e-mail to [email protected], with the topic ‘Discover Romania’.

We love our country and we hope to inspire other to learn to love it too for all the good that it has to offer.

Corina Saceanu

Romania Insider
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