Legion Run event in Romania this summer

The international event Legion Run will take place on June 16 at Divertiland Waterpark, close to Bucharest.

The Legion Run participants will face a 5 km track and 22 obstacles, two of which as a first for this year’s edition of the event. Mud, ice and barbed wire are among the challenges to be expected.

The obstacles are placed on a five kilometer route and are designed in a way “that challenge both body and mind, since the runners have to jump over fire, climb over walls, crawl through mud and under barbed wire and go through tanks of iced water.”

Legion Run doesn’t work as a competition, since no timing is set for finishing the race. The winners are those content with having overcome their mental and physical limits, the organizers say.

The race is open to both individuals and teams. Tickets can be purchased here.

Similar Legion Run events take place in France, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

(Photo: Legion Run Facebook Page)

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