Learn Romanian. Sixth lesson: at the restaurant

Bună din nou! Welcome to our 6th Romanian lesson. Hopefully, you had the time (and pleasure…) to spend a few minutes in order to un-jumble the sentences which represented your homework:

Laura vrea să meargă la restaurant.

Ea cheamă un taxi în zona Unirii.

Este maşina cu nr 10.

Vine în 3 minute.


What’s next?!” – you might wonder… Well, Laura and her friend Maria arrive at the … restaurant (as you already know, in Romanian, it’s the same word: restaurant; of course, the pronunciation is different). So, today, you are going to learn a few words and expressions which will definitely help you while staying in Romania.

Acum citiţi, vă rugăm, următorul dialog (Now, please, read the following dialogue):

Laura: Îmi dai, te rog, meniul?

Maria: Sigur. Ce vrei să comanzi de băut?

Laura: Suc de portocale. Tu ce ai vrea să mănânci?

Maria: Încă nu m-am hotărât. Nu mi-e prea foame. Cred că voi comanda o salată.

Laura: Atunci voi lua şi eu tot o salată. Îmi place foarte mult.

New words and expressions:

a comanda = to order

a bea = to drink

a mânca = to eat

meniu = menu

suc de portocale = orange juice

salată = salad

mâncare = food

And the most important ones :

mi-e foame = I’m hungry

mi-e sete = I’m thirsty

After a few minutes:

Maria bea suc de portocale şi mănâncă o salată.

What about you? Care e mâncarea ta preferată? (What’s your favourite food?)

Till next time, enjoy the great weather, go to the seaside and to a Romanian …. restaurant! No homework for you today, just meet your Romanian friends and colleagues and keep practicing! This is the “key”. Wish you good luck! And don’t forget: language study broadens your experiences, expands your view of the world and contributes to the creation of your personality.

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