Learn Romanian. Seventh lesson: Going shopping

Bună din nou! Welcome to our 7th Romanian lesson. We hope you had a great time last week, enjoying our Romanian food!

What’s next?!” – you might wonder again… Well, when Laura and her Romanian friend Maria don’t go to the restaurant, they go shopping.

So, today, you are going to learn a few words and expressions which will definitely help you when going shopping in Romania (la cumpărături).

Acum citiţi, vă rugăm, următorul dialog (Now, please, read the following dialogue):

Maria: Bună ziua!

Shop assistant: Bună ziua! Cu ce vă pot fi de folos?

Maria: Aş dori o pâine şi un pachet de unt. Cât costă?

Shop assistant: 8 RON, vă rog.

Maria: Desigur, imediat! (Maria offers her 10 RON)

Shop assistant: Restul dumneavoastră, vă rog ,2 RON. Mulţumim, o zi plăcută!

Maria: Mulţumesc si eu! La revedere!

New words and expressions:

a cumpăra = to buy

a merge la cumpărături = to go shopping

pâine = bread

unt = butter

rest = change

Cât costă? = How much is it?

desigur = of course

What about you? Îţi place să mergi la cumpărături? (Do you like going shopping?) Eşti un împătimit/ o împătimită a cumpărăturilor? (Are you a shopping maniac?) Unde mergi de obicei la cumpărături? (Where do you usually go shopping?)

Till next time, enjoy the summertime and go shopping for nice presents for your friends! And don’t forget: if you decide to attend foreign language classes, keep in mind that a first-class tuition means lessons always tailored to meet your specific needs and top-notch tutors with great experience.

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