Learn Romanian. Lesson tenth: At the hotel

Salut!” Here’s your 10th Romanian lesson taught by A_BEST trainers. We hope you had a great time last week, visiting Bran Castle!

While being in Braşov, our characters (Sebastian, Laura and Maria) decide to book a room at a fancy hotel in the centre of town.

Citiţi, vă rugăm, următorul dialog (Please, read the following dialogue):

La hotel (At the hotel) – Aş dori să fac rezervare pentru o cameră pentru două nopţi (I´d like to book a room for two nights):


Bună ziua, cu ce vă pot fi de folos?

Bună ziua, am dori trei camere single, pentru două nopţi.

Desigur. Avem două la etajul patru si una la etajul trei.

Cât costă rezervarea pentru o noapte?

230 Ron de persoană.

Micul dejun este inclus?



Useful words and expressions:

Cu ce vă pot fi de folos? = How can I help you?

cameră = room

mic dejun = breakfast

inclus = included

Please, always keep in mind that learning your lessons, doing your homework and attending the courses is not enough to get in control of things when learning a new language. Find as many opportunities as you can to use and to show to yourself and  to others what you’ve learned. Learning a new language is like a relapse into childhood when you acquire a new fresh vision upon things and life in general. A bit of extra poetry to our lives is always welcome!

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