Learn Romanian. Fourth lesson: basic words, expressions for social life

“Bună din nou!” ( Hello again! ) Welcome to our 4-th Romanian class. You are already used to some basic words, so let’s continue studying some new expressions that might be useful for your social life.

But, first of all, let’s check your homework. Key to exercises:

1.Domnul Popescu este din Londra. = …F…

2.Domnul O’Brian este expert contabil. = …T….

3.Domnul Popescu reprezintă compania X-Net Systems. = …T…

4. R& T Accounting Services este o companie din Londra. = …F…

Acum citiţi, vă rugăm, următorul dialog (Now please read the following dialogue):

– Laura, îţi place oraşul?

– Da, este foarte interesant.

– Te invit în oraş. Ce preferi? Teatru sau film?

– Mi-ar plăcea să merg la teatru.

– Excelent, astăzi mergem la teatru şi mâine la muzeu, iar după aceea la restaurant.

New words & expressions: “Magical words”:
îţi place oraşul? = do you like the city?

ce preferi? = what do you prefer?

mi-ar plăcea să merg la … = I would like to go to …

astăzi = today

mâine = tomorrow

cum? = how?

unde? = where?

când ? = when?

cine? = who?

ce? = what?

după aceea = after that

Pay attention, some words are similar or very close to English, so it’s very easy:

restaurant / bar = restaurant / pub

opera = opera

cinema / film = cinema / movie

teatru = theatre

muzeu = museum

Iar acum, tema (And now, your homework):

Răspunde la următoarele întrebări (Answer the following questions):

1. Cum este oraşul?

2. Unde vrea Laura să meargă?

3. Când merge la restaurant?

Till next Thursday, have a great week and don’t forget: learning a foreign language is a key element of cross cultural communication; it not only allows for dialogue in another’s tongue but also gives an insight into foreign cultures, promoting understanding and mutual respect.

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